Multicore and improved DWARF support

I am excited about the ongoing DWARF work by @mshinwell . I am also looking forward to multicore (whenever that happens).

I have a simple question: Will this DWARF work require significant changes for the multicore backend or will most of the work carry over? Sorry I have no understanding of the OCaml compiler internals hence this question.



I don’t think any significant changes will be required to the DWARF support that is being upstreamed at the moment. Some extra pieces will be needed, however, for example to obtain good backtraces. I believe that OCaml Labs has already prototyped these pieces. It may also be helpful to add some extra commands to the debugger to inspect multicore-specific aspects of a program, but this part should be straightforward.


There seem a bunch of conflicts already with trunk for the existing multicore PRs:

So it would require some rework anyway

@XVilka 1003 and 1156 have nothing to do with the question which is about DWARF support.

I never said they are related to the DWARF. They are just out of sync with the trunk.

@kayceesrk is pointing out that you aren’t really answering the question asked in the initial thread, which was related to DWARF support and answered subsequently. Please see the “Keep It Tidy” guidelines in the Discourse FAQ about keeping threads on-topic.