Making OCaml 5 Succeed for Developers and Organisations

Hi all,

I wrote up a summary of the various efforts at Tarides aimed at making OCaml 5 succeed for developers: Making OCaml 5 Succeed for Developers and Organisations.

The post gives an idea of how we’ve been approaching this challenge. It would be great to hear what the community thinks about our approach and whether we are missing something impactful that we should be focussing on.

Also, I hope you give OCaml 5 a try if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


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I don’t see any option to split threads on this Discourse instance, otherwise I would have followed this recommendation. In any case, let us try to cool down a bit. @Chet_Murthy and @jbeckford could agree to disagree (or to be talking about different things, training vs. inference, etc.) and that would leave more space for other kinds of feedback on the post.

(I found the various works listed in this blog post very impressive in variety and depth. I knew each piece, but seeing it all together gives a strong impression.)


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