Make this PPX tutorial stop sucking!

I wrote a terrible PPX tutorial as part of the DocJam.

Help me make this tutorial not suck! If you know how to write a PPX, please contribute text to the last section of the tutorial. You can submit a pull request! You should submit a pull request!

If you have any ideas about the other sections, help with those too!

Don’t let the OCaml community be humiliated by the terrible, terrible quality of my tutorial! Help me fix it today, before more people see it!


As an Ocaml nooby who hasn’t really dug into ppx’s at all and just views all incantations of anything with @ or % as magical: Thanks for writing this :smiley:


It seems like the link moved here

It did move, I’ll change the original post.

I look forward to your detailed explanation of an existing ppx :slight_smile:

It won’t happen without help.

What kind of help do you mean?

I don’t know enough to write much more than I already have. Without help, nothing more is going to be written.