Luv 0.5.1 — a libuv binding — Windows support

I am pleased to announce release 0.5.1 of Luv. The main change is the addition of Windows support, which makes Luv fully cross-platform.

Accordingly, Luv 0.5.1 is now installable from both the main opam repo, and from opam-repository-mingw.

Also, as a side effect of the build system refactoring that was needed to support Windows, Luv’s build system no longer requires Python, and supports cross-compilation.

The other noteworthy change in release 0.5.1 is a routine upgrade of the vendored libuv to its latest version, 1.35.0.


Even though I’m not sure to use it anytime soon, I must say this is always a pleasure to see improvement to the Windows side of the equation. To a more Windows-friendly future, cheers :champagne:


This is a fantastic improvement to an already useful addition to the OCaml ecosystem! Thank you very much @antron

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