Looking for Ideas for the Community Page at OCaml.org


As we continue to make great strides in 2024, we would like to support and grow our OCaml community!

In this regard, we need to overhaul the OCaml.org Community page, similar to how we have revamped the Package Overview page and the Learn Area based on your feedback.

What are the specific topics or features that you would like to prominently display on the Community landing page?

Are there specific resources, links, and content that you find valuable?

Show us any pages from other communities that you find are well done, and tell us what you think about them.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions for the Community Area page.

Let’s discuss!


See Linking ocaml.org to ressource sites

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See Linking ocaml.org to ressource sites

Yes, I think that’s a good idea, having a space that collects useful resources built by the community!


Are two useful ressources

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The web is chock full o’stuff like https://www.craigfe.io/posts/the-intf-trick

It would be great to have links to such stuff here. How you would manage it is a different matter, I don’t have any good suggestion for that.


For that one in particular, I’d love if the Community Page had an OCaml Cookbook that had small examples/recipes of what to do in particular situations. Like the Rust Cookbook.

Sure, have a link. But the link(s) should complement the example.

Looking back at the last seven (7) days of discuss posts with the Learning tag, here is what else would go on the OCaml Cookbook:

  • Creating a string Map (both signature and structure)
  • Hello World for lwt (both dune stanzas and toplevel statements)
  • Serialization/deserialization with JSON (both dune stanzas and toplevel statements)
  • Basic use of GADT (1. the type term and the eval from OCaml - Generalized algebraic datatypes; 2. @raphael-proust’s my very first GADT)
  • Literally every section from Dromedary and a half - GADT Tips and Tricks (with links to all of the blog post)
  • Basic use of object type (answer is still pending)
  • Basic use of option monad (including let* form)
  • Basic use of list monad (learned the use of this today from @Frederic_Loyer’s post)

Anyway, I think the same questions are coming up in various phrasings on discuss, and a collation of them with links to the far more detailed blog posts could be helpful IMHO. And if not already possible, it would be nice if it were easy for the community to do a simple PR to contribute a code snippet without leaving their web browser (like it is today with ocamlverse).


A tutorial about Caqti+ppx_rapper would be a must have. This combo is probably not well known and I had some trouble to assemble all of it.

(The idea is to use ppx_rapper to convert an SQL string into a typed query adequate for Caqti then results are correctly put in a record)


If there is a need to host the monadic programming or the caqti/rapper tutorials on ocaml.org, this can be done. However I don’t know to principle (github fork ?… add the content, commit push ?). Some hints about the organisation of pages are welcome

Thank you for your valuable thoughts! Yes, the documentation references to resource sites, links, cookbooks, and tutorials are extremely useful to the community.

Can you please share your suggestions on what dynamic (time or event-based) content that we should make available in the Community page?