Login with GitHub is unclear (fix: use HTTPS)

I have a lot of problems logging in when trying to use GitHub for authorisation. Maybe it’s a portability problem - this is on OS X/Safari 10.1.1.

  • It is not obvious what to click in the login form to submit it: Login or GitHub.
  • I receive feedback that I might not have set up GitHub authorisation when my GitHub account clearly shows it is set up. Clicking on the OCaml logo then reveals that I am actually logged in.
  • When I manage to log in, the site appears in some popup window and not in the main browser window.

It is probably related to Safari. I didn’t seen any unobvious thing about github login. And buttons seems to be pretty straightforward.

Maybe it’s just me but I was wondering wether User/Password would have any significance when trying to login with GitHub or Google. Especially after seeing the failure. I (now) understand that User/Password only applies to Log In.

I just had this issue with Chrome on OS X too. It worked fine when authorizing for the first time with Chrome on Linux yesterday, before the switch to https.

As for the UI, I think the buttons should be separated from the form fields by an “or”, but that’s feedback for the @discourse developers.

I think the problem is related with the issue HTTP/HTTPS. Check if you are try to log in from https://discuss.ocaml.org/

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Thanks. It does work when using HTTPS (https://discuss.ocaml.org).

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I’m not sure how to set it up to work with both HTTP and HTTPS, since there can only be one redirect_uri given to the setup. Ideally we would deprecate http://, which we’ve asked @discourse support about in the timeline thread.

HSTS is now active, so all traffic should now be over https:// and the issue reported above should no longer be visible.