Having trouble with dev.realworldocaml.org

Howdy! I’m having trouble under macOS viewing parts of the dev.realworldocaml.org site — it seems to be broken under both Chrome and Safari. Now I know what you’re going to say, why not tell them using the feedback tab — that’s broken too! Who should I send email to to get things fixed enough that I can complain more appropriately? :slight_smile:

Try opening a github issue https://github.com/realworldocaml/book/issues?

Is there a decent way to add screenshots to github tickets?

Drag-and-drop works, on Mac at least.

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Cool. I’ve filed a couple of trouble tickets. Hopefully they’ll get through to the right people.

I used that issue tracker recently, so it should work.

Yeah, we’re working on a fix. We’ve been cleaning up the infrastructure, and made some big changes to the HTML generation recently. Clearly we broke some things…


I think this is now resolved. Tell us if you see more issues.

I am, I’m afraid, still seeing quite substantial anomalies, including the Feedback bar being broken and seeing broken terminal transcript boxes. The typesetting for the part that has been fixed (text in different fonts appearing at the end of paragraphs) still has some slight glitches too, in that there’s anomalous spacing associates with those. How would you prefer for me to interact with you to get these resolved?

Github issues are best, with embedded pictures of the broken rendering.

@Yaron_Minsky I’ve submitted two new tickets with screenshots. The problem with the “Feedback” bar continuing to fail remains as it was last night.