[ job | full time | sweden ] Software Engineer at IAR systems

Hi All,

I am together with IAR-systems reaching out to you today with a full time OCaml/C++ position in Sweden (Uppsala).

Short description will follow, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you find it interesting or come to think of someone who might.

IAR systems is a knowledge and value-driven company with its seat in Uppsala, Sweden. they supply the tools and services that make embedded systems development fast, efficient and reliable, enabling their customers worldwide to deliver better products to their markets faster.

To Succeed with the role:
• A degree in Master of Science, preferably in Engineering or Computer Science (or equivalent work experience)
• Preferably experience from software development in OCaml
• Experience from modern development tools and environments, e.g. Visual Studio, Eclipse, Emacs, Windows, Linux, EWxxx, gcc, llvm, gdb
• An interest in working with translator technologies (some of static code analysis, frontend, backend, optimizations, linker, debug information, understanding C/C++ language standards)
• Manages English with full work proficiency

To Excel:
• Knowledge and experience from product development in the embedded industry
• At least 3 years of experience with C/C++
• Experience from working with static code analysis tools
• Experience from work with development in a CI/CD environment
• Experience from Git, Gitlab and Subversion

Thanks again and hope to see you soon!