JBuilder config to generate .merlin

Hello, I am wondering where exactly to put the (merlin) directive in a JBuild file. From http://jbuilder.readthedocs.io/en/latest/usage.html?highlight=merlin#context , it looks like it should be put inside a (context ...) stanza. The (context ...) stanza is used to declare a new build context, but according to http://jbuilder.readthedocs.io/en/latest/terminology.html?highlight=build%20context#terminology , if I don’t explicitly declare a build context, I’m in the default build context.

So, where should I put the (merlin) directive in the default build context?

The (merlin) instruction is only needed in a jbuild-workspace file, not in a jbuild file. Are you not getting .merlin files auto-generated? They should be generated in the same directory as each of your jbuild files.

If you’re only using one context (ie. you’re just starting with jbuilder), don’t worry about (merlin) – it’s automatic.

Whoops, you are both correct. Brain spasm on my end, I wasn’t using ls -a so didn’t see .merlin. I just set up a dead-simple project and indeed have full Merlin support. JBuilder looks great.

If I may squeeze in another question here: does JBuilder support inferring and printing out an interface for a given module, like ocamlbuild mymodule.inferred.mli? Nothing pops out from the documentation.

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Doesn’t seem like it.

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New issue opened to track the inferred mli request: https://github.com/janestreet/jbuilder/issues/150