Issue: OCaml 4.06.0 + JBuilder + Merlin + NeoVim debugging help


Merlin is complaining about ‘Unbound modules’: I’m using JBuilder 1.0+beta16, OCaml 4.06.0 and Opam 2.0 beta, Merlin 3.0.5 and ocamlfind (yes it’s in the path, so to is ocamlmerlin) 1.7.3 (on elementaryOS, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). It was working earlier with 4.04 so I don’t know if it’ to do with that?

JBuilder compiles the project no problems, I can load it into Utop but Merlin is acting up and I can’t make sense of the logs in the link (enable debug logging with let g:merlin_debug=1 in my NeoVim (2.2) init.vim).

More details (environment variables etc.) are here.

I’m trying with Emacs now and hopefully that will be usable enough for the time being.
Thanks for the help!

I only use emacs, but for everything to work right there, I need to have a .merlin file with your packages listed in it. Do you have one?

Hi, yes, I do, the linked merlin.txt is .merlin file uploaded with GitHub friendly extensions.
I resolved the issue by removing the ppx_* packages from my dependencies (details in the link).