Interesting OCaml Articles



One advantage of videos for newcomers is it helps them see an example development workflow in a an environment they might not be familiar with.


I don’t know how much editing would be involved, but I’ve heard good things about Video, a Racket DSL for video editing. It might help automating tedious steps, or just nerd-snipe the functional programmers that we are… :slight_smile:


Clearly a port to OCaml is in order. :wink:


Definitely true, but keeping yourself going through an article is harder. The fact that you have no control of the tempo also means that you’re more likely to make it though to the other end, at which point you should have some familiarity with the topic. You can also pause and replay parts, or even play at 1.5x speed, which you can’t do in a lecture.

I think it’s easier than it seems, so long as you’re not doing any fancy special effects (which are unnecessary). Cutting out stuff is fairly easily done on just about any video editing software out there, and once you start doing it you’ll get better and better.