Interesting OCaml Articles



Another good one (pointed out by @bobbypriambodo) : using Klypse to have live-evaluation of OCaml on your web page or blog post.


Great new article out by @bobbypriambodo, this time on creating a project with opam, caqti and postgresql.


Here’s a must-read article on the dev team’s Plans for OCaml 4.08 by @lpw25 . If you’re a long-time user, you’ll really enjoy this.

Also, I’ll just mention that OCamlverse has had quite a few updates recently. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do – everyone can request and receive automatic contribution rights, so if there’s something you want to fix up/contribute to, you’re welcome to do so.


A pair of great posts discussing @stedolan’s now-famous PLDI paper! :tada:



What do you think of

I made this website just for programmers to share and discuss.



It’s neat, but how is it different from reddit’s r/ocaml? You’ll have a hard time convincing people to sign up for yet another website. In any case, I don’t want this discussion to take over the thread, so you may want to announce your site in another thread.


Two great OPAM articles by @Khady:


These articles have been making the rounds on the Interwebs:


There are even newer rants: