Interactive SVG

I need to display an SVG which is interactive (i.e. reacts to user inputs on mouse and keyboard). What are the options right now? Neither js_of_ocaml nor bucklescript seem to handle correctly events for SVG.

I wonder whether bs-d3 would be useful. (I’ve used d3, but not with OCaml, and I don’t know anything about this library.)

I’ve written interactive SVGs with js_of_ocaml+tyxml in the past. Events worked just fine. What is the problem exactly?

@mars0i As the author of the bs-d3 bindings, I can say they’re in a pretty limited state at present, and interactivity isn’t really supported yet. That said, it’s pretty easy to add new bindings, so it still might work as a jumping-off point

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I’d like to attach actions to some key events much like in the same manner as

but it seems that the part

Html.document##.onkeydown := <...>

cannot simply be translated to SVG. And Merlin is not doing magic helping me to find the correct members.

Can the code be published? Would you happen to have a code snippet of the plumbing of the document events?

@jnavila Not sure if you’ve seen this, there’s also It appears at least some interactivity is supported

The binding is done on the d3 lib, not on the DOM. I’m not sure that this is appliable without d3.