I want to publish my package to opam , then i got blocked my github account?

I am try to learn submit my own package to opam repositories.
I am very new , so i got in trouble for times.
after times no success submit.
i found i was blocked by opam-repositories?
Am i missing something?

I have no idea what i should do .

I have never see this behavior before.
I continue contribute with OSS , But never got blocked .

OCaml why blocked me ?

@kit-ty-kate am i got blocked ?

Looks like it is not my package problem

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The PR seems fine, you have to wait for opam-repository users with write access to merge it. Can I ask you while you are submitting it to opam? It seems a really early stage library

I am new to learn OCaml, but still want to contribute to OSS community.
I mostly working on Backend API developement. I am working on OCaml utils, some port from Python,PHP,Java,Golang
Yes, it is intialize age. But every project is start from zero.
I think much more project growing up, then OCaml community will going up.

Every one can join and contribute.

So i am quite confuse why i just blocked from github…

You need to wait for a review. There is no 24/7 service on opensource projects.

Btw, for “early stage” I mean: the library description says “Provided common tools deal with time,date, strings, html, filters.” but the library doesn’t contain anything like that at the moment.

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Thanks for watching. any way, the component is continue to add.

Some comments on your lib.
It would help if you use English to contribute to OSS.
If you also want to put Chinese I think everyone will be happy with it, but then I would suggest maybe some kind of bilingualism in your project: You can put Chinese and English side by side.
Google translate gives good results on your Chinese comments, but you will notice that every package in Opam uses English.
For git logs you can for example put several -m parameters when you commit, I would suggest the first one to be English, and the second one Chinese if you really want to use your born language. For example:

git commit -m 'Update build scripts' -m '更新构建脚本'

English or bilingualism would also be appreciated in ocamldoc comments.

Also the name of a file in OCaml will become the module name to call the functions that it contains, so you don’t need to create a module with the same name in a file:

Phoneutils.Phoneutils.isValidCnPhone is redundant.

If you watch the pull request page of opam-repository you will notice that there are 33 packages there waiting, some are there since 3 weeks, so just be patient for a review.

In my opinion the only function that could be worth it is the isValidCnPhone, but if you wish to make this function easy to find for someone else, a README or an ocamldoc containing the right key words will be enough, if you want someone can find it with google, or the search engine of github.

In the opam file the synopsis should contain a short description of what the lib provides, not only its name.
The description advertises for html and filters, there is nothing about this in your lib yet. Maybe you plan to add it later, so only advertise it when it will be there.
For string utilities there is only a String.sub with a zero parameter. Netrc only contains one function that reads /etc/resolv.conf.

In my opinion this lib doesn’t contain enough yet to be a candidate for inclusion in opam.

But the first version of Vector3 that was included in Opam was also very small as you can see:
Vector3 v0.2

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how would you recommend to mature outside?

Thanks for comment, and i made some changes. but i was blocked. so i can not submit new package.

`$ opam publish

The following will be published:

You will be shown the patch before submitting.
Please confirm the above data. Continue ? [Y/n] y
Fetching the package repository, this may take a while…

File a pull-request for this patch ? [Y/n] y
[ERROR] Uncaught exception: GitHub API error: 422 Unprocessable Entity (WebDAV) (RFC 4918) – Validation Failed
> Resource type: Issue
Field: user
Code: custom
Message: user is blocked`

I don’t use opam publish I usually use the traditional method with pull requests, so I can not answer you. But your are not blocked in anyway, you can see that your pull request is there on the pull request list of opam-repo. It’s just waiting for reviews and this is also what we’re doing here.

Please read my previous message again, and try to work on these points.

If i am not blind. currently i can not submit package, and i am not able to submit issue … sigh.

Maybe this is because you already submitted this package, you don’t need to do it again.

Usually on the process of reviewing by your peers, you can still commit to your repo, this is what you are invited to do now.

You can still commit to the repo of the lib, and also to the branch where you propose a PR to opam-repo.

For example a README with English or bilingual, fixing the synopsys field of the opam file, etc…

opam pin add bsmi_ocaml https://github.com/infobsmi/bsmi_ocaml.git

is an option.


I don’t think the issue is with the opam-repository team, this looks more like some issue you have with Github.

  • Have you set up an access token for opam-publish? I don’t remember how I set up mine, but I remember there was something to do with Sign in to GitHub · GitHub and then pasting the token somewhere for opam-publish.

not only the opam publish.
I open browser to ocaml github: OCaml · GitHub
i can not post issue, comment, submit pull request.
I can confirm was blocked.

and i can do things outside this org.

I post comment in other repository , it works.

This is quite unusual that someone propose to opam a lib that is that small, with a readme, documentation and logs messages that are not in English and a description that doesn’t match the content. You are also quite impatient with it. Maybe the admin was not willing to spend the same amount of time than me. If you are really blocked on opam, you are not blocked here yet, and you can still receive advices about the kind of contents that opam users expect.

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I also contribute to Python pip, golang, dart lang, java maven, i never see the block before.
I guess opensource is free to contribute.
I even publish small apps to microsoft store, apple store, google playstore.
they never blocked me as well.
This be kind not OSS works.

Yes, you are a polite person, I don’t see why you would be blocked.