How to make the documentation of a package available on

Hi all,
I would like the documentation of my packages to be available on, but I can’t find the info on the requirements for that. Local doc generation works (simply invoking dune build @doc) but it seems it is not enough :slight_smile:!

I don’t know how to do it myself, but I think the title of this topic should be changed as follows:

s, on , to ,

otherwise it is easy to misread as being about getting or downloading existing docs.


Right, I see it now :slight_smile:

I should add that I mean packages that are already available on opam.

You don’t need to do anything beyond have it in the ocaml/opam-repository. However, some packages do not build due to missing depexts or similar problems (which is why we’re so big on making sure that package submissions pass the automated build tests when merging them).

Which package doesn’t build for you?

Hi Anil,

this one, but it’s all clear now: I remember there was some difficulties with the gsl package, which is needed by biotk. For some reason the installation of gsl failed at that time and it was not possible to have a complete build for biotk. I’ll make a new release and see if anything needs to be fixed.

It was very helpful, thanks a lot!

it seems that packages that used to have their docs on now say “No Docs”.

For instance


is this worked on or do we have to do something on the package side?

Regarding those packages that depend on sdl see @sabine’s message here.

Another example is

This relies only on Dream (so, perhaps something in the transitive dependency cone is causing a build failure).