How to make ocsigen redirect http requests to https?

I replaced all internal links of an eliom web site to https. Now trying to redirect http requests (main page) to the https version?

Best way is to use a reverse proxy like Nginx. E.g., not redirecting to https · Issue #22 · ocaml/ · GitHub


The simplest way is to use redirectmod.

Put this in your config file:

<extension findlib-package="ocsigenserver.ext.redirectmod"/>

And in <host> section something like:

<redirect fullurl="*)" dest="\1"/>
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Thank you @Vincent_Balat.

I tried to use redirectmod, but I can’t have it work.

In order to simplify my test, I used a <redirect> tag without regexp (only the http and https urls).

Not sure if I should keep tags for HTTP & HTTPS in the configuration file? (I have both in the conf file)

Not sure if I should use ~https:true when creating my services, before registring them with MY_APP.register. (I did not use them)

As a result, both http and https are currently working. But I can’t have http requests redirected to https.

P.S. Is there any way to have redirectmod emit some output in the log file?

The redirection must be at the beginning of your <host> section.
Perhaps it’s the cause of your problem?
Ocsigen Server tries all extensions sequentially.

You can try to launch ocsigenserver with option -vvv to get more logs and understand what happens.

Yes! That was it! my <eliommodule> and <eliom> tags where before the <redirect> one.

To answer myself:

  • I had to keep two <port> tags (for http and https)
  • and I used ~https:true for all of my services (not sure if it’s needed or not…)

Thank you for your help, despite the small amount of information I provided.

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https:true is not necessary. This is only to force some links in http pages to switch to https. But with a redirection of all pages to https, you won’t have any http pages …