How to install bwrap/bubblewrap? (Linux)

I’m currently upgrading an old setup from opam 1.2.0 to 2.0.2 on Debian 8. I’m surprised to be messing witht that.
Finally I removed opam 1.2.0 and installed opam 2.0.2 but when doing opam init (or opam init --reinit -ni) it warned me to install bwrap as well as bubblewrap dependency.
But the package manager has not bubblewrap, so I went to install it from sources.
As the usual ./configure make make install didn’t work, the question seems to be
How to install bwrap via opam and bubblewrap on Linux (Debian)?

BTW, I’m now using opam every day (always discovering new features…) but I would be scared as a beginner by the opam documentation. There are no really step by step installation instructions, there is too much text packed up with no contrast forcing the reader to read all the details to get some understanding as he is new to opam and maybe OCaml.

BTW, besides the API is there an exhaustive specification of opam?
I know that the signatures exposed in the API are a theory and that the structures are a proof, but the signatures are not enough and I don’t want to (need to) read all the structures to get an understanding of the opam (or whatever package) specification. This is a general observation about OCaml packages.

Adding deb jessie-backports main to ~/etc/apt/sources.list allowed me to install bubblewrap…
It might help other people in the same situation.

But the command opam init --reinit -ni didn’t work (Curl failed).
Finally opam init worked.

Debian Jessie is a bit old, you should really upgrade. For these kind of questions, you can search packages on Here is the result for bubblewrap.

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It was a Debian Jessie machine available to make a test with ocsigen-start.
Thanks for your quick answer.