Help with set up! (opam sandboxing fails on Windows WSL)



Hey! I need help setting up my Ocaml developer environment. I’m running a Linux Ubuntu subshell on Windows 10. I get this error when I try to download it after running $ opam install -y ocamlbuild:

Any thoughts?


You need to disable the sandbox by using opam init --disable-sandboxing.


Thanks so much. I tried that. But now I see this:


bwrap is the tool that is creating sandboxes. It appears that opam didn’t respond to your flag, and still tried to use bwrap. Why don’t you try with a fresh .opam directory?

mv ~/.opam ~/.opam.bak
opam init --disable-sandboxing


Or also opam init --disable-sandboxing --reinit, without having to keep a copy


That works!! Thanks so much!