How to encode shift_jis HTML code to UTF-8

I have an HTML file that is encoded with Shift_JIS.
I need to convert shift_JIS to UTF-8 because my application supports only UTF-8 encoded text.

Thanks in advanced

You should be able to use Camomile, see the recode_string function.


You can see in code recode_string it only support conversion between ascii, latin1, utf8, utf16, utf16be, utf16le, utf32, utf32be, utf32le,ucs4
this encoding type, can you please explain how to encode from shift_jis to utf-8

Those are shortcuts, you can get other encoding by using the of_name function, eg of_name "SHIFT_JIS".


Thank You. Your answer is to help me. I have to encode the whole file which is encoded in Sift_JIS convert it to UTF-8.