How to decode HTML code while encode in SHIFT_JIS

I have code to convert HTML to text.
but if HTML code is encoded with SHIFT_JIS it is a fail.
can you help me to decode SHIFT_JIS?
and how to do that in OCAML.

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Which library are you using for the conversion? According to wikipedia the SHIFT_JIS encoding of the html special character is compatible with ascii.

How does it fail on SHIFT_JIS encoded page (with which kind of errors)?

Can you link an example that fails?

I can not share code because it is confidential.
we use the UTF_8 library

and can you have some sample code to decode Shift_JIS to UTF-8

If you just want to convert from Shift JIS to UTF_8, using iconv might the easiest path? I am not sure if there is any Shift JIS decoder library in OCaml.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure Camomile supports Shift_JIS.

You are right, and decoding Shift_JIS is even part of the camomille test suite.

Hello all,

Thanks for your replay☺.

I am beigginiear for OCaml langauge. If any knows how to do handle this situation please help me out.
If you give me snip of code that better to know me.