How to define the root page of a documentation?

I have just typed two tutorials, but instead of having my index.mld converted in the root page, I have a root page with a single link to my converted index.mld. How should I define a documentation without this root.

See index

An alternative would be to have a root page with both my tutorials, but I have no clue about the declaration of multiple links in the root page.

I used dune build @doc in order to launch odoc.

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Links to your source code would be useful so that we can see how you’re generating that index.

You can add links to different pages in your index.mld page. See for example this which gets compiled to this. (links to page- are decribed in the “odoc for authors” document).

You can also make an index.mld page which has some prose and links to the generated documentation. See source and rendered version.