Customizing Odoc web pages (headers, footers, ...)

I am in the process of migrating a project from Ocamldoc to Odoc and I want to integrate the generated documentation into an existing website. As far as I can tell, it seems that there is a way to change the presentation of the documentation using the CSS file, but I do not see anything more.

In particular, I would like to make it well integrated, for example using the same header/footer as the other pages of the website, but it seems that it cannot be customized. So my question is : what do you do with your documentation if you’re using odoc ? Should I try to extract the body of the page via some post-processing of the pages ? Should I wait for the markdown output so that I can use the generated files in Jekyll as the website is generated using it ?

I publish it as is. Most of the time your website chrome rather gets in the way of the documentation reader (distracts and wastes the already scarce screen estate).

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