Help compiling the examples to Dream

Trying my best to compile this example to Dream without success: dream/example/w-fullstack-rescript at master · aantron/dream · GitHub

dune build spits out

File "src/dune", line 19, characters 2-23:
19 |   mirage-crypto-rng-lwt
Error: Library "mirage-crypto-rng-lwt" not found.
-> required by library "dream" in _build/default/src
-> required by executable server in
-> required by _build/default/example/w-fullstack-rescript/server/server.exe
-> required by alias example/w-fullstack-rescript/server/all
-> required by alias example/w-fullstack-rescript/default
File "src/vendor/dune", line 185, characters 11-14:
185 |   (modules paf)
Error: Module Paf doesn't exist.
File "src/vendor/dune", line 197, characters 11-15:
197 |   (modules alpn)
Error: Module Alpn doesn't exist.
File "src/vendor/dune", line 208, characters 11-21:
208 |   (modules paf_mirage)
Error: Module Paf_mirage doesn't exist.

Doing opam install paf does not resolve the issue with module Paf_mirage.

Did I miss something basic?

Oh, just noticed that copying the example files to a separate folder outside main dream folder made it compile without any issues. Heh. Why tho…?