Failed to pin pythonlib from github with ocaml 14.4

I try to pin pythonlib from github with ocaml 4.14.0:

git clone

cd pythonlib && opam pin add .

got errors like this:

# File "src/", line 362, characters 54-85:
# 362 |            (Ident.create_local (cmi_infos.cmi_name |> Compilation_unit.name_as_string))
#                                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
# Error: Unbound value Compilation_unit.name_as_string

Does somebody knows how to fix that? Thanks!

If you’d like to pin and work with Janestreet libraries that haven’t been published to opam you’ll need to follow the instructions at GitHub - janestreet/opam-repository: Opam repository for the development version of Jane Street packages to setup their bleeding-edge spam repository, so any package you are interested in can install the other bleeding edge janestreet libraries they depend on since there might be new API changes that they require.

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yes, it works, thank you very much!

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