EmelleTV Show - 2022

Dear OCaml folks,

I’m creating a post as a header from this season of EmelleTV in 2020. Will use this post to share announcements, new shows, gather feedback and invite you to watch and follow https://www.twitch.tv/emelletv!

For the ones who doesn’t know us, It’s a streaming show that will happen once per month and will try to interview and talk casually about OCaml, Reason, ReScript and their communities. Inviting interesting engineers and ask silly questions about literally anything.

If can’t attend live, we publish the VOD in youtube under https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvVVfCa7-nzSuCdMKXnNJNQ. You can re-watch some of the 2021 interviews, they were a ton of fun for me.

It’s made by myself and @fakenickels.

Feel free to share any feedback, propose any guest or make fun of us ^^


The first show it’s today and we will talk with @dinosaure about the new release of MirageOS


The second show it’s today, and we have @avsm with us.


3rd show is now, and we have @bobzhang with us