Emacs support for Menhir?

I find myself writing a lot of code in Menhir. Is there support in Tuareg or Merlin for Menhir or am I largely stuck working without nice editor support?

Edited to add: Even just handling OCaml code inside the {} constructs would be nice.

If you don’t get an answer here, there’s a Menhir mailing list you might try:



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AFAIK there is no full-support for menhir/ocamlyacc in emacs for now. See the issues on tuareg and ocp-indent:

The only “partial support” there is, is to turn on tuareg on .mly files but while it turns on the syntax highlighter, it also turns on the indentation (which is broken).

Here is an example of how to turn on this:

Yah, I tried turning it on by hand and noticed that the indentation was completely broken. That’s one of the reasons I asked about it.

If you’re doing a large development in Menhir, lacking Emacs support for the OCaml code you’re writing inside Menhir (or even for Menhir itself!) is unpleasant if you’re used to what Tuareg (+Merlin) can do for you normally.

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