Dune 'File unavailable' error?

I get this error for any name I care to give the
lead module:

(name xx

when attempting to compile to native xx.exe (byte is ok)
does anyone know what this means?

Can you please elaborate? Ideally show the tree of your repository? And please provide a full error output.

that is the full error message!
it emanates from

and was rather hoping someone familiar with the code could say what it ‘means’

Can you post a small repro that demonstrates the issue? Can’t really debug it without that.

The link I gave was meant to show line 1190 from where the error is raised.
I do not have a repo and am looking at alternatives now github has got annoying with device authentication ad nauseum.
Perhaps one of the developers of dune who frequent this forum could comment on the intent behind the error message of line 1190 of the file linked to?