Accidentally broke dune by running "dune exec ./<file>" in home instead of project folder

Hi ! I’m still relatively new to dune so I hope I’m not missing something very obvious here. Also my first post here, sorry if it kinda sucks :upside_down_face:

I’m programming in a linux terminal with neovim and I started working on a small ocaml (version 4.08.1) program using dune (version 2.9.3). After creating the project directory and going inside it, i ran dune init exe <file_name>, then dune build, and when I wanted to try the program I ran dune exec ./<file_name>.exe.

It worked just fine but at one point I accidentally got out of the project dir and in the home dir before running dune exec ./<file_name>.exe. Now every time i run a dune command, it runs it in home dir, not the current dir, and dune exec stopped functioning all together and gives this error :

Entering directory '/home/<my_name>'
File "Code/dotFiles/config/nvim/plugged/ale/test/test-files/ocamllsp/dune-project", line 1, characters 0-0:
Error: Invalid first line, expected: (lang <lang> <version>)

The dune-project file is completely empty.

Does anyone has an idea of what just happened ? Thanks !

dune might have created a _build directory in your home directory. delete it (or rather rename it to _build.bak) and it should work as before.

Everything went back to normal ! Thanks for the help !