Dune.build doesn't have installation instructions

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the best place to put this.

While dune.build front page is fairly nifty and compact and has all the key information that a person new to dune needs, including a little example of how to use dune. But, it doesn’t have an example of how to install it.

Nor do any of the 4 pages linked to in the menu bar.

On the top-right corner is a link to the github project, and half-way down the Readme we do find the installtion instructions - which are fairly straightforward and un-unexpected.

So I don’t this is a unsurmountable hurdle for any person who looking to use dune, but it would be nice if it was there right on the frontpage.

  • Magnus
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After you’ve installed opam, you can do opam install dune in your shell.

That’s great, but this should be mentioned in the documentation.

Certainly, but I can’t find where the dune.build website is maintained.

According to this repo’s docs it should be ocaml/dune-www.

Thanks, I made a PR: https://github.com/ocaml/dune-www/pull/29

It turns out there is a page with installation instructions (https://dune.build/install), but it’s not easy to find.

Edit: The PR has been accepted and the website has been updated with the install link.