Does pgocaml/eliom enable sslmode=verify-full?

Hi !
I am using pgocaml with eliom over the cloud, securing connections between eliom applicative server and postgresql server with ssl. I would like to require that the client (eliom side) checks the database certificate, in order to prevent the man in the middle attack. It is usally done adding parameter sslmode=verify-full to psql client, like this:

psql -h -p 5432 \
      "dbname=name user=user sslrootcert=ca-2020-root.pem sslmode=verify-full"

How can I achieve this with pgocaml / eliom / ocsigenserver ? I did not find it in the docs, I hope this is possible.
Have a good day !

Last time I checked pgocaml did not support using ssl encrypted Postgres sessions.

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Hum too bad I did not ask before, thanks a lot for your answer !