Discuss.ocaml.org regularly crashes in Brave browser on iOS

The Brave browser crashes reliably for me when loading discuss.ocaml.org. Please let me know if I should report this to Brave developers instead, or if there’s more information I can provide that would be helpful. I confirmed that the site loads correctly on Safari and Chrome.

Brave version: 1.65 (122)
iOS version: 16.7.7

discuss.ocaml.org is an instance of https://www.discourse.org/ which is hosted by the people of discourse.org. So it’s probably to them that a bug report would be the most relevant.

I’ve reported the problem there, but I do want to note that this is the only discourse site I’ve found (so far) that has this issue. E.g., https://discourse.nixos.org, https://neovim.discourse.group, and https://meta.discourse.org all load without crashing.