[ANN] Try OCaml 2.0 (beta)

OCamlPro is happy to announce the release of a new version of the venerable Try OCaml tool.

This tool allows you to quickly test OCaml snippets from anywhere, directly from your browser. It’s still in beta, so any issues or comments are welcome below.

The new version is a complete refactor and redesign, based on the backend of Learn-OCaml.

Original announcement: http://www.ocamlpro.com/2020/03/16/new-version-of-try-ocaml-in-beta/


Nice! One nice feature of https://reasonml.github.io/try and https://sketch.sh/ is the ability to share a snippet of code. It would be useful to have the same thing on try ocaml.


Yep, that’s a feature that’s on our todo-list, would definitely be nice :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Thank you.

Nice, are you planning to support the package graphics like the old version did ?
It is a pain to install it on windows and macos and try OCaml was a nice workaround.

Yes, we intend to add it back.

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Hi there,
Any news on adding the Graphics module? I just tried and it’s not yet on TryOCaml. Thanks in advance!