Control Structures, English translation of lectures by Xavier Leroy


Really learned a lot from the slides. For example, the most understandable definition of continuation I’ve ever seen:

Given a control point in a program, its continuation is the sequence of computations that remain to be done once the execution reaches the given control point in order to finish the execution of the whole program.


Thanks for the nice words about this course material!

Just to blow my horn some more, I hope you and other readers of this forum would enjoy lecture 5 on the practice of effects and effect handlers, illustrated with lots of examples in OCaml 5, as well as lecture 6, which is a deep dive into the theory of algebraic effects.


If you know french and want to relax I think any of @xavierleroy’s lectures he made at the Collège de France is worth watching through.

You get non trivial material, historical and current research, made extremely accessible in very stimulating presentations. Thank you Xavier for all the work you put in these courses.

(And this is from someone who hated ex-cathedra teaching and skipped most of the lectures at university :–)