Concurrency issue with Merlin + Spacemacs

I’ve been using Merlin with Spacemacs for a few weeks now and I really set up, but I think I’m running into a concurrency issue with the UI. It seems like the keyboard is locked up while the Merlin autocompletion completes and presents results. As a result, I regularly can’t see what I’m typing because Merlin is trying to complete something. I’m not sure if this is a bug that’s fixable, something wrong with my setup, or something that’s not fixable and I need to learn to live with. Any suggestions?

Indeed, I am experiencing the same issue, i.e. there’s a definite noticeable freeze when merlin tries to autocomplete in emacs. I am pinned to merlin 3.0.2 to see if it helps but no luck.

There is a bug open for this issue on the merlin GitHub issue tracker. If you have a GitHub account and can hop in to give more information, that might be helpful: