[ANN] Merlin 5.0-502

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of merlin 5.0-502 !

Support for OCaml 5.2

This release brings official support for OCaml 5.2. Substantial backend changes were required to adapt to this release, especially for features such as occurrences and get-documentation. Do not hesitate to report any suspicious behavior in the issue tracker!

Other changes

This release also fixes a handful of issues:

  • Destruct: Removal of residual patterns (#1737, fixes #1560)
  • Destruct: Do not erase fields’ names when destructing punned record fields (#1734,
    fixes #1661)
  • Ignore SIGPIPE in the Merlin server process (#1746)
  • Fix lexing of quoted strings in comments (#1754, fixes #1753)
  • Improve cursor position detection in longidents (#1756)