Compiler Engineer at Mixtional Code in Darmstadt or anywhere else in Germany

March 23, 2020

Type of position:

  • regular hire (no freelancers)
  • full time
  • work from home anywhere in Germany, or in the office in Darmstadt
  • work for a small and highly skilled international team, located in the US and Europe
  • the team language is English

We are developing a compiler for a no-code platform that translates our DSL to bytecode and/or WebAssembly. The language is largely of functional type but is also able to manage state with a spreadsheet model, allowing reactive programming without having to resort to libraries. The language is statically typed using a Hindley-Milner type checker. The compiler is primarily written in OCaml. Other languages of our platform are Go, Elm, and Javascript.

We are looking for a compiler engineer with strong skills in all relevant areas:

  • fluent in OCaml or a similar language such as Haskell
  • Understanding of the structure of the DSL, including syntax and semantics
  • Translation of FP languages to executable code
  • Code optimization
  • Graph algorithms
  • Type checking

We are open to both juniors and seniors, and payment will be accordingly. We are not so much interested in formal certifications but rather in real practice, either from previous jobs, research projects, or contributions to open source projects.

The no-code platform is being developed by engineers in Europe and the US at various places, and we usually do not meet physically but in video conferences. Working from home is very usual. We also get you a desk in your home town if you prefer this. The compiler development is lead by Gerd Stolpmann from Darmstadt.

Due to the strong connections to the US, video conferences will often have to take place in evening hours, until around 7pm or 8pm.

Applications: please follow the “Apply” link at the official web page describing the position:

Gerd Stolpmann
CEO of Mixtional Code GmbH (and OCaml hacker of the first hour)
Contact and company details:

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Hello Gerd,

I’m living in France, can I apply to the position (we are neighbors!)?


Well, I can (at the moment) only make contracts using German law and for the social security system here. So, if you need a doctor you’d have to travel… If my company was a bit bigger there would be the option of opening a second site in France (even a very minimal one), but the setup costs are so far too high (lawyers and accountants), and it is too distracting for me to keep up with the fine points of the system in France. Unfortunately, the EU is not that far that it is super simple for an employer to hire anywhere in Europe. - Thanks for asking.

Thanks for the answer. I understand the position :slight_smile: