Change OCaml DLL Extension on Cygwin


I am new to OCaml, and am trying to get it set up, so please let me know if there’s a better place for this question. I am running Cygwin on 64-bit Windows 10.

Quick summary of the problem:
It seems that ocaml, when detecting Cygwin operating system, sets the DLL extension to “.so”. (At least that’s the output of ext_dll when I run ocamlc -config).

ocamlfind, when detecting Cygwin operating system, only thinks files ending in “.dll” are DLLs and will move only them to the folder for shared libraries. (This is the behavior I have experienced and the conclusion I extrapolated from here: ocamlfind/findlib_config.mlp at master · ocaml/ocamlfind · GitHub)

The result is that I need to manually move the .so files to a shared library folder. Is it possible to change the default extension that ocaml uses (as in change locally on my computer, if the settings are in a file somewhere?), so that way it automatically creates shared objects ending in .dll? Or, if it’s impossible, should one of these should be changed to support the other?

Thank you - any help is greatly appreciated.