Using VSCode on Windows


My setup is currently Emacs + Tuareg and I was considering giving a try to VSCode + vscode-ocaml.
I peeked at the installation instructions and some of the existing bug reports but I got the feeling nobody uses it on Windows.

What would be the status of this kind of setup ?
Has anyone tried ?


Hi, if you’ve already got a working OCaml environment on Windows, including OPAM and Merlin (probably a Cygwin environment, right?), you just need to make sure you open up VSCode from that Cygwin shell where the OPAM environment settings are defined. Then VSCode and the OCaml extension should pick up your Merlin setup.

My setup includes a basic Cygwin which is mainly used to build OCaml (Mingw chain) and a few select packages (ocamlfind, xmlm, ocamlgraph).

Using the full Cygwin chain is not an option.

If all I need is working versions of OPAM and Merlin, I guess the question boils down to whether or not the Windows port of OPAM was completed.
Could someone knowledgeable provide us with a status update?

Best regards.

opam status:

There is a reddit thread with setup instructions:
It should work with the mingw and msvc port (but not the cygwin port)

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I’m gonna try this and let you know how it goes.


I tried twice in July and could not complete the installation due to Cygwin being unable to complete its own install for some reason I did not investigate.

Eventually it got fixed on their side and the rest of the install went smoothly.

Preliminary testing is really positive. The integration within VS Code works like a charm.

Thanks all and keep up the great work!