Capitalization of OPAM

What is/should be the proper capitalization of OPAM?

  • The website uses OPAM, which is visually striking but somewhat outdated (not as archaic as O.P.A.M., but not much younger than COBOL);
  • The 2.0 release e-mail uses opam, which is surely modern, but too similar to npm and other packaging tools, which are not always known for their long-term stability;
  • A tradition I’ve seen in some English abbreviations is to use uppercase only for the first letter of each word, which would result in OPaM;
  • As a standard proper noun (since OPAM is not an acronym, due to the “A”), Opam would be suitable, helping distinguish it from other words in a phrase;
  • Finally, following the OCaml tradition of having two uppercase initials (forcing users to deactivate auto-correct on Word), OPam would be a logical choice.

It’s opam, see

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