Camel Calendar for 2021

(I’m not sure if this post is appropriate for discuss, if not please just remove it.)

I would like to share with you a camel calendar for 2021 in pdf with the nice theme from ocaml dot org.

It was generated from an ocaml script that you can find in this repo: svg calendar generator.

Several scripts are available, you can find some results on this web page.

At the beginning of 2020 I was searching for a free software to generate calendars in SVG that I could customise for my own use, but I was unable to install the Perl script that exists (it has a lot of dependencies and the error message when I try to install it didn’t help us to find what’s wrong with it).

This explains the design of these scripts, that are made to work without any dependencies and without any compilation. There’s code duplication, but every script only need the ocaml interpreter to be run, so most people comfortable with the command line should be able to use it.

(I also tried to sell some on Etsy but didn’t sold a single one.)

By default 12 languages are included in every script, but you can generate the calendars for more than 200 languages if you use these dates locales that come from the CLDR repository.

You can also switch monday first or sunday first.

These generators are provided under Zlib license.

I hope some will enjoy!