[BLOG] How I built the Acutis template language in OCaml

Acutis is a personal project I’ve been developing on-and-off over the last few years. It’s a template language (similar to Mustache, Nunjucks, etc.) that has a static type system, uses pattern-matching, and can compile templates into JavaScript files. I’m sharing it now because it’s reached a somewhat-stable state.

You can view its home page here and its source code here. I also wrote a blog-style article that explains how I created Acutis, the problems I faced, and the decisions I made. You can read it here: “The Acutis template language, or: how I over-engineered a program that just prints text”.

I don’t especially expect people to use Acutis much, since it’s very personal and based around my specific use cases. (Also, we have an overabundance of template languages already anyway.) Nonetheless, building it was a fun and rewarding learning experience for me. Perhaps some people will find it as interesting as I did. :slightly_smiling_face: