[ANN] VSCode OCaml Platform v1.4.0


We are happy to announce the v1.4.0 release of VSCode OCaml Platform, a Visual Studio Code extension for OCaml. It will be available shortly on the VSCode Marketplace.

This release has the following changes:

  • Stop highlighting ocaml unit/array/list literals with bold (#416)
  • Add a snippet struct end with prefix struct (#420)
  • Only restart the language server for the ocaml.server.restart command (#426)
  • Use highlighting for character literals which is consistent with other
    languages in VS Code (#428)
  • Allow using ${workspaceFolder:folder_name} placeholder variables in sandbox
    configurations for portable settings.json files (#424)
  • Fix OCaml problem matcher for warning codes and error messages without
    characters (#429)

The workspace folder variables in sandbox configurations should make configurations portable, a common request we’ve had. The extension will now use portable settings by default for local opam switches and esy configurations.

Please feel free to share feedback.

- Max