[ANN] Spatial Shell · A windows switcher for i3 and sway implemented in OCaml

Hi folks :wave: I have been willing to share Spatial Shell here for a while now, mostly because it is implemented in OCaml so it’s a good way for me to find potential contributors ahah (unfortunately, the codebase could be more commented tbh). Spatial Shell implements a spatial model inspired by Material Shell for i3 and sway. I have very recently tagged its 6th release, and I believe now is a good time to try and put it in the hands of other human beings. What might go wrong? :sweat_smile:

The README should be comprehensive enough to get you started, and I’ve also published a short blogpost giving a bit more background on my Spatial Shell journey, and has a nice video you can witch if you are curious.

If you run into problems while trying to test, do not hesitate to reach out (GitHub issues are probably the best way to do so). I do hope Spatial Shell becomes a usable programs for anyone interested in the workflow it enables on i3/sway deskop.