[ANN] RFSM version 2.0

It’s my pleasure to announce the availability of version 2.0 of the RFSM language and compiler.

RFSM is a domain specific language for describing, simulating and generating code from reactive finite state machines.

From a description of a system composed of a set of reactive FSMs, the RFSM compiler can generate

  • graphical description of the system in the .dot format
  • execution traces in the .vcd file format
  • code in C, SystemC and VHDL for simulation or implementation on a target platform

The most significant changes since version 1.7 are

  • an entirely recrafted, modular implementation
  • a full formal semantics for the “core” version of the language
  • a documentation now splitted in a User Manual and a Reference Manual

RFSM is available from this GH page or as an OPAM package.

Comments, feedbacks and bug reports welcome !