[ANN] Rfsm 1.6.0

This is to announce the 1.6.0 release of Rfsm, a package dedicated to the description, simulation and synthesis of StateChart-like state diagrams.

The Rfsm package includes both an OCaml library and a command-line compiler.
Both take

  • a description of a system as a set of StateChart-like state diagrams
  • a description of stimuli to be used as input for this system

and can generate

  • graphical representations of the system
  • execution traces as .vcd files

Additionnaly, dedicated backends can generate system descriptions and testbenches in

  • CTask (a C dialect with primitives for describing tasks and event-based synchronisation)
  • SystemC
  • VHDL

More informations are available on the github page.

Rfsm is provided as a an opam package.

Graphical User interfaces to the command line compiler are provided separately.

Comments, feedback and bug reports welcome.

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You have successfully liberated it from camlp4? It would be nice to see a post about your experience so that other remaining users can learn from it too.

Yes, it is liberated from camlp4. I opened a bug long time ago, for the Camlp4-dependent packages list. Kudos to the author for a quick move.

I would not say “liberated” :wink: but yes, the code no longer requires camlp4.
The rewriting process was described in this post

Btw, it would be nice if this kind of re-writing could be somehow encapsulated in a library - perharps using the PPX mechanism (with which i’m totally unfamiliar).
Is there some undergoing work in this direction ? Is it simply possible ?