[ANN] release of prbnmcn-gnuplot 0.0.3


prbnmcn-gnuplot is a declarative wrapper on top of gnuplot. Version 0.0.3 was just released.

The API is not entirely set in stone but it’s reasonably usable, at least for up to moderately sized plots. It proceeds by constructing self-contained gnuplot scripts from declarative specifications and deferring to gnuplot for execution.

Here’s the documentation.

Happy hacking!


This looks very nicely documented! It might be useful to have a section on what are the differences / tradeoffs in comparison with other plotting alternatives in OCaml, e.g. ocaml-gnuplot or ocaml-plplot or Owl’s wrapper on plplot.


Thanks! This package is closer in spirit to ocaml-gnuplot. I found extending the latter a bit difficult so I started my own effort. prbnmcn-gnuplot has a higher-level interface, exposes a bit more plot types and has basic support for sub-plots. It also allows to save scripts to disk. There are probably tradeoffs the other way, eg it might be possible to continuously update plots with ocaml-gnuplot while it’s not possible with this package.

(I’ll add that having nice documentation is made easy thanks to all the work by the odoc folks, many thanks to them!)


I think the prefix in the name of the package is a little bit too short (only “prbnmcn”).
You should think about switching to something longer, and a little bit less explicit also. :sweat_smile:
Because everybody knows what “prbnmcn” means, of course.

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I’m pretty sure nobody will collide with this prefix anytime soon malin

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