[ANN] Oplot 0.50

I’m happy to announce the revival of the oplot library.

If you ever wanted to quickly draw the graph of an intriguing mathematical function, animate it by varying a parameter, or explore a 3D surface, without leaving your favorite programming language, then oplot is for you.

If you’re familiar with LaTeX and want to produce nice mathematical graphics decorated with LaTeX formulas, that you can view onscreen, export to images or vector graphics (pdf, eps) then oplot is even more for you!

Drawing is hardware accelerated (opengl) thanks to the venerable ocamlsdl and lablgl libraries. I’m glad they still work perfectly.

Happy plotting.


Amazing! I’m very happy to see such libraries appear in OCaml :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks great! How would one go about embedding that output in a GTK or Qt application? How about an WebGL/HTML5 output? Is anyting like that planned?

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Thanks for the message! yes, embedding in GTK is done in gOplot:

(haven’t made the announce yet because I wanted to correct a few things, but it’s very usable already)

I have no experience in QT unfortunately, nor WebGL. Help welcome.

My priority would be to embed this in bogue, but it’s not trivial due to conflicting SDL/OpenGL contexts

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Could be integrated somehow (not sure, just venturing the idea) with Owl, see their site for more information. They use a custom plotting library for now.


They do a fantastic work at Owl. Their plotting library seems to be quite promising too. We could try to work on an Owl-Oplot interface

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I was looking into it after I saw your release on github. We are trying to abstract away the plotting in owl to allow multiple backend to experiment and flourish, I think it would be great to have an integration with oplot.