[ANN] Release of ocaml-sf/learn-ocaml:0.15.0

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the latest stable release of Learn-OCaml, version 0.15.0.

Many thanks to all users who contributed bugs reports, fixes, and enhancements!

A comprehensive list of the fixes and enhancements offered by this release is available in the Release Notes with also gathers static binaries for Linux and macOS, the corresponding opam-repository pull request is pending merged, and the Docker images of learn-ocaml and learn-ocaml-client are immediately available on Docker Hub.

If you happen to maintain a learn-ocaml server, we strongly recommend that you update your version to 0.15.0 to benefit from important fixes (including a path traversal vulnerability fix), as well as newest features.

From a teacher point-of-view, this release improves the UI/UX for the “teacher tab” as well as the “partition view” pages.

  • see e.g. the following screenshot that illustrates the ability to hide PII (either tokens or nicknames) in this web page, which can then be shared with students in a beamer context:


  • see also the online doc of partition-view for more details.

If need be, feel free to open issues in the Learn-OCaml bug tracker or the learn-ocaml.el bug tracker, or post in this thread to share comments.

Happy OCaml learning and teaching, and stay tuned for the next release!

Erik Martin-Dorel for the Learn-OCaml team :camel: