[ANN] OCaml-MariaDB 1.0.0


I’m happy to announce the 1.0.0 release of OCaml-MariaDB. This library provides Ctypes-based bindings to the MariaDB client libraries, including their nonblocking APIs.

This release was made possible by the testing code provided by Petter Urkedal and the debugging help from Jeremy Yallop on the ocaml-ctypes mailing list.

Please note that we have found what seems to be a bug in libmariadb 2.3.x, which we managed to reproduce in Ubuntu 17.04 but not in 16.04. While the bug probably won’t manifest itself unless your program is making hundreds of MariaDB connections, we recommend using version 3 of the connector library. If your distribution doesn’t provide this version yet, it can be downloded from mariadb.org.


On GitHub: OCaml-MariaDB.