[ANN] [New release] Merlin NG v1.0-500

First release of Merlin NG :tm:

I am honored to announce the first release of Merlin NG :tm:. Merlin NG :tm: is a complete rewrite of Merlin based on revolutionary chitchatting technology. The new answering engine features:

  • 99.9% less code, and as much removed bug opportunities
  • 99.9% more waiting time, giving you new opportunities to reflect on your life choices
  • 99.9% more anecdotes from Merlin, the disgruntled and a bit patronizing elderly OCaml grand-master

It mostly know thing about your simple programs

Sequence 01

:mage: Ah, my young calf, let me gaze upon this code and consult the sacred compiler. Hmm…

It can also provide motivational speechs

And don’t be mistaken, Merlin is never wrong !

Time for an opam update* !

:mage: Merlin can tell you it is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy: the type is string.